Concerned about being viewed as a "evil stepmother," Gwyneth Paltrow

Concerned about being viewed as a "evil stepmother," Gwyneth Paltrow

The 50-year-old actress, whose children with her first husband Chris Martin are Apple, 18, and Moses, 16, claimed

 she had doubts about her connection with Isabella, 18, and Brody, 16, of her second husband Brad Falchuk because she was convinced that anything she did would be "wrong."

There is just no manual for how to do it, Gwyneth remarked in a podcast for her company Goop. I believe there is the archetypical evil stepmother

and the implication that it will be a difficult situation, so I entered the situation with the mindset of, "Oh my god, you can only kind of do the wrong thing.

The Iron Man actress said that her "trepidation" was her "one regret" about becoming a stepparent and that she discovered that her voice "changed everything," therefore she would urge other ladies in similar situations to treat their partner's children in the same manner as their own.

In the past, she admitted, she had said, "F*** it, these are my kids. I cherish them. I won't be afraid to correct them, like.

"If someone were to approach me for guidance, I would simply advise treating the person as if they were your child right away. I only regret not doing that sooner.

Brad, who has adolescent children from a previous relationship with Suzanne Bukinik, calls Gwyneth a "wonderful stepmom," and he adores their relationship.

You have a connection to them apart from me, he added. They rely on you and chat to you constantly. They also frequently seek your guidance.

Gwyneth responded by calling the TV producer a "exceptionally good" stepfather and inquiring as to whether or if he had any plans for when they got married.

"I think you have to define yourself as a stepparent the same way you would define yourself as a parent, like, 'Who am I in terms of the archetype dad?'" he retorted.

"To me, that simply means establishing order, direction, and a sense of boundaries for the home and the family. I'm also just trying to use my knowledge, experience, and wisdom to help others.

Chris is a "wonderful dad," in Brad's opinion, and he is "a lot more fun" than he is.

The wonderful thing is that I don't have to be their father, he remarked. I'm not required to give kids what their father does for them.

He cherishes them, spends time with them, and does other things for them. Therefore, all I need to do while I'm the dad around the house is to simply be "dad."

The 51-year-old author has "a sort of unique special way" of seeing Apple and Moses.

"I'm not trying to put their dad in that position," he continued, "just going in with that confidence.

"But I am their father, and I've been fortunate that there hasn't been much opposition to that.

Fundamentally, I care for them as though they were my own, which they are.